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About ATV / Quad Biking Tours in Iceland

Welcome to the start of your ATV biking adventure in Iceland! Experience the excitement of riding powerful ATVs in stunning lava fields and mountain valleys. The ATV´s are a great way to see Iceland. By escaping crowds and venturing off of the beaten track, one is able to fully capture the beauty of the untouched nature.

Trek through the unique rivers and mountains and gain an out of this world perspective of the countryside. The ATV tours are not dependent on the weather, allowing participants to sign up all year round. What better way to experience an adrenaline rush than to power through Iceland´s incredible landscape four wheels at a time.


About our ATV / Quad Biking Tours

We offer guided ATV trips on off-road tracks in beautiful highland locations with a choice of tours suitable for both beginners, or those with experience. Our trips are suitable for groups of any size, including individuals, families, stag and hen parties, corporate events, christmas parties or friends seeking an adventure.
Our ATV base is located just 15 minutes from Reykjavik City in the outskirts of Mosfellsbær town. The proximity of our base to the capital makes us an ideal choice. One can easily continue on with another Arctic Adventures tour, or head on back to the city to continue our impressive sightseeing and explorations.

We offer guaranteed departures all year round. The one hour bike trip includes a Mountain Ride a beginning at 10:00. We also offer a 2 hour Mountain Cruiser. at 14:00. If you are experienced and looking for more of a challenge, then the 3 hour Quad Mad trip is for you. This trip entails an off road thrill through rivers and into the countryside surrounding Reykjavik.

Customized/ private trips are readily available. For any questions or additional information, contact us at:

Mix ATV / Quad Biking with Another Activity!

For those who want to get the most out of the day we recommend one of our ATV combo tours. You can choose between three combo tours that allow you to add caving, horse riding or whitewater rafting to your ATV day tour:


The Over & Under tour takes you on our 1 hour ATV adventure, Mountain Ride, in the morning and lava caving in the Blue Mountains area in the afternoon.

On the Fast Lava tour you will start your day with an horse riding tour and then move on to our two hour ATV adventure, Mountain Cruiser, in the afternoon.

The Rafting & ATVs tour starts with the 1 hour ATV adventure, Mountain Ride, in the morning followed by a great whitewater rafting adventure in the afternoon. The ultimate action day tour!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of ATV / Quad bikes do you use?

We use CanAm Outlander Max 650cc bikes. In our experience, this is the best option. These bikes are very easy to use with excellent safety features and heated handles.

What will I be wearing?

We will provide you with a comfortable/ waterproof overall and thick gloves to keep you as warm as possible during the tour. Make sure to bring warm base layers and waterproof shoes.

Can anyone ride an ATV?

In order to ride one of our ATVs you will need to be at least 17 years old with a valid driving license.

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