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About Ice Climbing in Iceland

Ever tried putting on a pair of crampons and holding an ice axe in your hand while climbing up a step ice wall? Ice climbing is one of the adventourus things you should definitely try out while in the land of glaciers and ice formations! Arctic Adventures offers two great ice climbing day tours on the Sólheimajökull glacier and on Europe’s biggest glacier, the Vatnajökull glacier.


About our Ice Climbing Tours

Our Blue Ice tour will take you to the Sólheimajökull glacier where you will both do glacier hiking and get an introduction to ice climbing. This bestseller tour is available all year round from Reykjavík!

The Glacier Xtreme tour is operated from Skaftafell on the mighty Vatnajökull glacier. This tour is designed for those who want a slightly more extereme level and to put more focus on the ice climbing part. This tour is available only in the summer season from 15th May to 15th September.

Both tours are suitable for first-timers and beginner ice climbers. However if you want something more extreme we can arrange a private or a customized tour to meet your level. Please contact for more info!

Glacier hiking and ice climbing in Iceland