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About Northern Lights in Iceland


Head out into one of the pitch-black Icelandic winter nights and enjoy the silence in our remote nature while taking a look at the breathtaking Aurora Borealis – now that daylight is becoming less and less up here in the far north, Northern Lights season has arrived. And as a bonus, this winter, there are even better chances of catching a glimpse of this fascinating phenomenon: NASA scientists predict the brightest Northern Lights display for 50 years thanks to the Solar Maximum – a period where the sun´s magnetic field on the solar equator rotates at a slightly faster pace than at the solar poles. The cycle between Solar Maximums takes an average of 11 years, and NASA forecasted that 2013 will bring the greatest scene since 1958. So take your chance and head for Northern Lights hunting in Iceland!

Arctic Adventures offers the most extensive Northern Lights tours catalogue in Iceland; day tours from Reykjavík and Akureyri in North Iceland and even some overnight tours to remote mountain huts. Every tour is enjoyed in the comfort of our super jeeps with 4-12 clients in each jeep along with a specially trained, expert guide to tell you all about the legendary Aurora Borealis. Using these specially modified super jeeps we move away from the crowds and off the beaten track, where silence and serenity will keep us company as we hunt for the magical light show.

Please note that all of our Northern Lights tours are heavily dependent on weather and conditions, and we will evaluate the likelihood of seeing the lights every time we are planning a departure, giving you our estimation of whether we can reasonably expect to see the Aurora Borealis. The search for the lights in an adventure you undertake, and every customer must realize we can make no guarantees to see them. But we promise to do our very best.

About our selection of Northern Lights Tours:


Our classic Northern Lights Hunt® tour where you will search for the lights in an exclusive super jeep with only a handful of participants per guide and everything included, even a lava cave tour and freshly caught lobster in a local fishing village on Iceland South Shore. This famous tour is operated everyday from the 15th of October to the 15th of March.

We also offer a stripped down version of the Northern Lights Hunt®, the Northern Lights Explorer, on it we leave out the lave cave tour and lobster dinner. But this great tour still offers the intimacy, comfort and ability to get off the beaten track places on our hunt that a super jeep and expert northern lights guide will offer you.

We also offer an exclusive 2 day, in-depth northern lights adventure and highland tour. This is the Northern Lights Voyager and on it you will not only search for Northern Lights in the remote highland valley of the Thundergod, under the watchful eye of Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, but also go glacier hiking, lava caving and off-roading to a mountain hut far away from civilization.

If you are looking for a weekend adventure package or a custom made adventure then our expert staff will be glad to help you plan your Northern Lights adventures here in Iceland. Email us for more info and help at

Our Northern Lights tours in Akureyri are relatively new to our selection but offer a great way to see the lights on Northern Latitudes from the charming little town of Akureyri. Check out the Northern Lights Akureyri and Northern Lights Akureyri and Nature Baths.

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